Raphaé shows an intuitive balance between a talented eye for composition and design and a keen intellectual approach, with the ability to question the world around him. [tutor feedback]

Buildings and spaces are the portraits of our culture, achievements and perseverance. They are not merely objects, but expressions of purpose and feelings; animate bodies that dictate their story, create a sense of belonging, and encourage participation and inhabitation.

Cities are dynamic and primarily about people and their interactions with each other in the environment around them. My understanding of architecture and the built environment has evolved from an appreciation of both the visual and performative arts, and their requisite commingling to define the culture of a place. In particular, studying the transformative effects of private and public rituals (social drama such as processions, parades, carnivals, and festivals) in the setting of the modern or historic city has enabled me develop a greater understanding of form, building, street and context.

A meaningful combination of all the arts in all parts of the city helps to create our very dynamic built environment. The mother of the arts, architecture, has a performing potential in and of itself.


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