House of Cards, Carshalton Boys School

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House of Cards was a one-day school workshop delivered in July 2017 at Carshalton Boys Sports College in Surrey, England. Organised by STORE Collective, and supported by UCL’s Widening Participation. Designed and tutored by Raphaé Memon and Ioana Vierita.

To design and build a lightweight pavilion from recyclable cardboard modules, with the aim to explore various construction techniques. The final results demonstrated creativity through structural combinations, and aesthetic considerations into light, colour and transparency.

Students spent the morning in smaller groups preparing the cardboard modules: this included tracing and cutting around set cardboard pieces, and then making new incisions for windows and openings. In the afternoon, the students used coloured cellophane and tape to personalise their modules. The groups came together to stack and create assemblies of their individual module pieces, combined together to form their House of Cards.




STORE workshops introduce young people to higher education in fine art and architecture. They have a pioneering model designed to facilitate the sharing of skills and knowledge between experienced practitioners and aspiring students. With a focus on highly collaborative spatial design and building projects, its courses and workshops often culminate in large-scale installations and ambitious public performances.

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