The Lure of Light

Raphae Memon_Competition Entry 313

Scenography is a spatial discipline, integrating with architecture, and the fine and dramatic arts. Scenographers arrange light and sound in the context of theatre and exhibition design, however the boundaries between scenography and architecture can be easily blurred. Both scenographers and architects are storytellers, but should also be regarded as seducers, abductors and translators.

This photograph invites corporeal looking – architecture is a viewing mechanism to produce a subject. In this example, the subtlety of light on the materiality and texture of theatrical scrim fabric offers a seductive glimpse into another world. The drape of the fabric, as a primitive method signifying dressing, takes tectonic forms as it becomes spatial. As the spectator or inhabitant, you are encouraged to feel the hem and fold and question its primeval experience.

Image above as exhibited online for UCL Doctoral School’s Research Images As Art/ Art Images as Research Exhibition. Access here.

All artwork copyright of Raphaé Memon – © 2015

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