A Theatrical Cosmogony

theatrical cosmogony copyright Raphae Memon

The art of theatre is multisensory – its physical presence exists on the basis that it can be experienced in both tangible and intangible ways. When engrossed in the world of theatre and performance, you accept illusions, take another view and are inspired. Theatre is full of suggestiveness and provocations, and as a spectator you are taken on a journey.

This image unpacks performativity from the context of the traditional black box of theatre. Visually, references are made to 18th century art and theatre, and as the drawing unfolds, these are juxtaposed with images of classical and contemporary dance, processional movement, conducting in classical music, a cabinet of curiosities, as well as sketches of theatrical costume and materiality. As a form of mythic thinking, this image presents a theatrical cosmogony, and highlights relationships between objects and occupants, celebrating the true and varied nature of performance.

exhibition poster

Image above as selected for UCL Doctoral School’s Research Images As Art/ Art Images as Research Exhibition, held in South Cloisters, Wilkins Building from 2-11 December 2015. Image selected into ‘Top 100’ category. Access here.

All artwork copyright of Raphaé Memon – © 2015

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