Eye Imagine

RM Entry_Eye Imagine_GoingUnderground-DrawingSheet A2

Eye Imagine reinvents the London Eye by creating an extension of passenger journey, from the realm of reality to fantasy. Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel extends underwater to a structure of theatrical proportion. A passenger enters a capsule at ground level and experiences one revolution with views of aerial London, before the capsule transforms into a shell and submerges into the Thames. The capsule then detaches from the spokes and begins a surrealist journey underground, questioning and staging new possibilities in a subterranean London.

Hand-drawn using water colours, Indian ink, and egg tempera; montaged on photographs. Visual references and colour palette drawn from the paintings of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Submitted as an entry for the Going Underground ideas competition launched by RIW and the Architect’s Journal, proposing radical underground structures beneath UK landmarks.

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