Performer, Playtime

Artwork by Design By Day


An ordinary three-way junction ringing with music, dance breaking out here and there… Inspired by the direction of Jacques Tati’s 1967 comedy masterpiece Playtime, the performance explored themes of architecture, sound and space. At the roundabout in front of the Cornerhouse, the pedestrian crossings were transformed into a merry-go-round, where knowing and unaware participants performed movements to Francis Lemarque’s L’Opéra des Jours Heureux. This performance piece was a multi-sensory act, an orchestration of exaggerated everyday movements of people using pedestrian crossings, converted into something a bit more extraordinary. This was all staged on the street, with the facades of buildings acting as the perfect backdrop.

This performance was photographed and exhibited as part of the last exhibition at Manchester’s Cornerhouse, Playtime [22.11.14 – 15.03.15]. The Cornerhouse has moved to HOME.

Direction by award-winning artist Naomi Kashiwagi.
Choreography by visual theatre director Benji Reid.

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intersection of Oxford Street and Whitworth Street

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