Poster manifesto

Excessive = unreal? Manifesto or anti-manifesto?

We worked with staff from the Bartlett and recent graduates from the courses to create proposals for the redesign of Battersea Power Station in Vauxhall, London. Our theme was ‘Excess’, and we were looking to see how this can inform architectural redevelopment.

We conducted site analysis, took part in group discussions and design charrettes, and then created models to propose our ideas. The two-week Summer School ended with a Super-crit with architects, staff from the Bartlett, and fellow participants of the Summer School.

Below is my poster manifesto on the theme of ‘Excess’. It questions whether excessiveness in renewable energy sources can be seen as overrated. The poster presents an over-the-top conceptual model – a floating world in a glass box supported by only 4 columns, which extend and become wind turbines. The disco-ball collages represent venues of entertainment and leisure. Can all this be powered by wind turbines? How deep would the piled foundation need to be to support the megastructure? It is excessive.

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